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Dr. Daniel Vogel

Mathematische Statistik und naturwissenschaftliche Anwendungen




Daniel Vogel works as data scientist for a pharmaceutical company and is Honorary Lecturer at the Physics Department of the University of Aberdeen.

Research interests

Graphical models, robustness, multivariate statistics, nonparametrics, change-point analysis, time series analysis & forecasting, statistical applications in medicine, psychology, economics

Publications – Papers

  • A. Wiedemann, D. Vogel, C. Voss, J. Hoyer (2021): How does music performance anxiety relate to other anxiety disorders? Psychology of Music, online 2021-02-15,
  • D. Edelmann, D. Richards, D. Vogel (2020): The distance standard deviation. Annals of Statistics, 48(6),
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  • D. Fischer, K. Mosler, J. Möttönen, K. Nordhausen, O. Pokotylo, D. Vogel (2020): Computing the Oja median in R: the package OjaNP. Journal of Statistical Software, 92(8), 1-36,
  • M. Hecht, C. Gische, D. Vogel, S. Zitzmann (2020): Integrating Out Nuisance Parameters for Computationally More Efficient Bayesian Estimation: An Illustration and Tutorial, Structural Equation Modeling, 27(3), 483-493.
  • A. Wiedemann, D. Vogel, C. Voss, M. Nusseck, J. Hoyer (2019): The role of retrospectively perceived parenting style and adult attachment behaviour in music performance anxiety. Psychology of Music, 48(5): 707-723,
  • A. Wiedemann, A. D. Wood, R. N. Luben, D. Vogel, G. T. Jones, K-T. Khaw, and P. K. Myint (2018): Dimension of pain-related quality of life and self-reported mental health in men and women of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer–Norfolk cohort: a population-based cross-sectional study. British Journal of Pain, 12(1), 35-46.
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  • D. Ferger, D. Vogel (2009): Weak convergence of the empirical process and the rescaled empirical distribution function in the Skorokhod product space. Teor. Veroyatn. Primen., 54 (4), 750-770. (Theory of Probability and its Applications, 54 (4), 609-625).
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Publications – Software

  • S. Watt, D. Vogel (since 2019): robFitConGraph: Graph-Constrained Robust Covariance Estimation. R package version 0.1.0, CRAN. This implements the methodology developed in Vogel & Tyler (2014).
  • A. Dürre, D. Vogel (since 2015): sscor: Robust correlation estimation and testing based on spatial signs. R package version 0.2, CRAN.
  • D. Fischer, K. Mosler, J. Möttönen, K. Nordhausen, O. Pokotylo, D. Vogel (since 2009): OjaNP: Multivariate Methods Based on the Oja median and Related Concepts. R package version 1.0-0. CRAN. See also the publication in JSS.


Publications – Theses

  • D. Vogel (2010): Elliptical graphical modeling, doctoral thesis, Fakultät Statistik, TU Dortmund.
  • D. Vogel (2005): Weak convergence of the empirical process and the rescaled empirical distribution function in the Skorokhod product space, Diplomarbeit, Fakultät Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften, TU Dresden (pdf).


Former projects

  • SFB 823: Statistical modelling of nonlinear dynamic processes, Project C3: Analysis of structural change in dynamic processes
  • instudies: Summer University "Statistik für Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaftler" (Mathematische Grundlagen der Statistik)



  •  Best dissertation 2011, Statistics department (TU Dortmund University)