Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Former project cooperations

Collaborative Research Centre 823 "Statistical modelling of nonlinear dynamic processes"

(2009 - 2017, funded by German Research Council - DFG)

  • B3: Statistical modelling of highly-resolved spectro-temporal audio data in hearing aids
  • B4: Statistical process modelling for machining of inhomogeneous mineral subsoil
  • C2: Experimental designs for dynamic processes

Collaborative Research Centre 475 "Reduction of Complexity in Multivariate Data Structures"

(1997 - 2009, funded by German Research Council - DFG)

1997 - 2009A4: Statistics and machine learning
2000 - 2009C5: Analysis and modelling of the deephole-drilling-processes with statistical methods and neural networks
1997 - 2006B3: Multivariate identification and analysis of business cycles
1997 - 2000A2: Efficient modelling by means of optimal experimental design

Research Training Group "Statistical Modelling"

(2004 - 2013, funded by German Research Council - DFG)

  • B3: Multi-criteria optimization of correlated quality characteristics by means of desirability indices
  • C4: Statistical modelling of music: From generation to perception
  • D2: Problem specific optimization of the ECOC bisection of classes for multi-class problems

Research Training Group "Applied Statistics"

(1993 - 2003, funded by German Research Council - DFG)

  • Project C: Technometrics und industrial statistics (1997 - 2003)

Further Projects

2017 - 2019


2016 - 2019



2011 - 2017

"Industrial Data Science - Qualification concept for machine learning in industrial production" (InDaS), funded by BMBF


"Developement, integration and evaluation of innovative processes and quality assurance methods in the production of large-size lithium-ion cells" (QS-Zell)
as part of the competence network for battery cell production ProZell, funded by BMBF


Subproject 5 "Adaptive Modellierung und echtzeitfähige Identifikation von transkontinentalen Energiesystemen"

in DFG Research Unit "Protection and Control Systems for Reliable and Secure Operation of Electrical Transmission Systems"

2013 - 2016Climate Information Platform for Copernicus (CLIPC), funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration
2013 - 2015

Large-scale support vector machines, funded by Mercator

2013 - 2015

Software developement for Daimler AG

2012 - 2015

Research work in statistical methodology (Unilever)

2009 - 2014NRW Graduate School of Energy Efficient Production and Logistics
2009 - 2012

Multicriteria optimization of automatic music classification based on high level features
with methods of computational intelligence

(funded by Klaus Tschira Foundation)

2003 - 2009International NRW Graduate School of Production Engineering and Logistics
2005 - 2008

Diagnostic classification algorithms in heterogeneous  populations

(funded by Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Penzberg)

2004 - 2007

Post cochlea processing

,(funded by Fraunhofer Institut Digitale Medientechnologie, Ilmenau)

2003 - 2006

Analysis of statistical methods for standardization of diagnostic assays

(funded by Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Penzberg)