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Prof. Dr. Markus Pauly

Mathematische Statistik und industrielle Anwendungen


Raum A3.09
0231 755 - 90370
Technische Universität Dortmund
Fakultät Statistik
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Straße 2-4
44227 Dortmund

Brief CV

  • since 03/2019 Full Professor, Faculty of Statistics, Technical University of Dortmund
  • 10/2014-02/2019 Professor of Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Economics, University of Ulm

  • 06/2013 Habilitation in Mathematics, Mathematical Institute, University of Duesseldorf

  • 04/2010 - 03/2011 Perception of a DAAD research fellowship, Institute for Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Bern.

  • 12/2008- Graduation Dr. rer. nat.,  Mathematical Institute, University of Duesseldorf

  • 10/2005 - 03/2010 and 03/2011-09/2014 Scientist at the Mathematical Institute, University of Duesseldorf

  • 09/2005 Diploma in Mathematics, University of Duesseldorf

Research Interests

  • Asymptotic and Nonparametric Statistics with applications
  • Multivariate and Repeated Measurements Analysis
  • Resampling Techniques in Theory and Practice
  • Survival Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis