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Research Interest

  • Asymptotic and Nonparametric Statistics with applications
  • Multivariate and Repeated Measurements Analysis
  • Resampling and Statistical Learning Techniques in Theory and Practice
  • Survival Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis

Current Projects

  • Valide Verfahren fur Meta-Analysen mit wenigen Studien oder kleinen Fallzahlen (German Research Foundation Grant No PA 2409/7-1; joined project with Tim Friede, University of Goettingen)
  • Modellierung und Quantifizierung von Effektgrößen für faktorielle Daten in der Überlebenszeitanalyse (German Research Foundation Grant No PA 2409/5-1)

  • Joined D-A-CH-Lead Agency Project with Arne Bathke, University of Salzburg: "Inferenzmethoden für multivariate und hochdimensionale Daten" (German Research Foundation Grant No PA 2409/4-1)
  • Classification of big and high-dimensional data", funded by Daimler AG (in Ulm)