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Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Dr. Nadja Malevich

Statistik in den Ingenieurwissenschaften


Room M 740
+49 231 755 - 5409
Fakultät Statistik
Technische Universität Dortmund
44221 Dortmund

Office Hours

by appointment


Research topics

  • Statistics of material fatigue und reliability
  • Optimal design
  • Limit theorems



  • Lecture "Sequential statistics" (summer term 19)
  • Advised master's thesis "Comparison of Biased-Coin Designs for the sequential allocation in clinical trials" (2018)



  • Malevich, N., Müller, C.H., Dreier, J., Kansteiner, M., Biermann, D., Ferreira, M., and Tillmann, W. (2021) Experimental and statistical analysis of the wear of diamond impregnated tools. Wear, Volumes 468-469, Article 203574. pdf 
  • Malevich, N., Müller, C.H., Kansteiner, M., Biermann, D., Ferreira, M., and Tillmann, W. (2019) Statistical analysis of the lifetime of diamond-impregnated tools for core drilling of concrete. Applications in Statistical Computing, Studies in Classification, Data Analysis and Knowledge Organization. N. Bauer et al. (eds.), Springer, 233-249. pdf
  • Malevich, N. and Müller, C.H. (2019) Optimal design of inspection times for interval censoring. Statistical Papers 60(2), 99-114. pdf  
  • Kansteiner, M., Biermann, D., Malevich, N., Horn, M., Müller, C.H., Ferreira, M., and Tillmann, W. (2018). Analysis of the Wear Behaviour of Diamond Impregnated Tools Used for the Core Drilling of Concrete with Statistical Lifetime Prediction. Proceedings of Euro PM2018, Europe's annual powder metallurgy congress and exhibition.
  • Malevich, N. (2015) Approximations and asymptotic expansions for sums of heavy-tailed random variables. PhD thesis, OvGU Magdeburg. pdf
  • Christoph, G. and Malevich, N. (2011) Second order behavior of the tails of compound sums of regularly varying random variables. Mathematics in Engineering, Science and Aerospace 2(3), 235–242. pdf