Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Lecture Overview and Timetable

The full information about the courses at the faculty of statistics can be found here (in German).

There is also a preliminary overview of lectures in the winter term 2020/21.

Preliminary Courses for the Master Programmes

Before the start of the lectures, you should check out our precourses which will help you to prepare for your upcoming master and to refresh your knowledge of all the important content from your bachelor courses. There will be 3 different pre-courses:

The first one is a statistics pre-course in German language which covers especially the most important content of the statistics bachelor. It Is a three week course and takes place live on campus or via zoom (due to the corona virus). It is recommended if you prepare for the statistics master.

The second and third pre-courses are e-learning courses on the learning platform moodle in English language. They have no fixed timetable. Therefore, you can do them where and whenever you want.

One of them is an online statistics course. It mostly covers the same content as the first precourse and is recommended for both master programmes Data Science and Econometrics. The other one is a data science course and is highly recommended for all data science students.

For more information click here

Courses taught in English (Summer Semester 2021)

The following elective courses will be held in English in summer semester 2021. Note that the semester is going to be hybrid, most lectures will take place digitally. More information on the respective digital concepts can be found on the

respective websites of the courses.


Pre-requisites and Reading Courses

Information on the pre-requisites and Reading courses for both Data Science and Econometrics can be found in our Moodle room here. Information on the Introductory Case studies course can be found here and in the slide from the orientation day.


Statistics Department

For all Statistics courses, you should bring sufficient skills in the fields of Statistics, i.e. you should take and finish your Statistics pre-requisites at first.


Computer Science Department

For all Computer Science courses, you should bring sufficient skills in the fields of Computer Science, i.e. you should take and finish your Computer Science pre-requisites at first.


Mathematics Departments

For all Mathematics courses, you should bring sufficient basic knowledge in the field of Mathematics.


Other Departments