Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Dr. Paul Kinsvater

Statistik in den Biowissenschaften



Research / Areas of Work

  • SFB 823 B6: Robust statistical analysis of multivariate hydrological time series
  • Master's thesis: "Test auf Strukturbruch in bedingten Quantilen für mischende Prozesse" (advisors: H. Dehling (RUB) and R. Fried)
  • Extreme value statistics and regional frequency analysis in hydrology
  • Testing for structural breaks


  • Tutorial Extreme Value Statistics (WS 2016/17)
  • Tutorial Statistics V: Probability Theory (WS 2016/17)
  • Tutorial Multivariate Statistics (WS 2015/16)
  • Tutorial Stochastic Processes (SS 2015)
  • Seminar Asymptotic Statistics Part 2 (WS 2014/15)
  • Case Studies (SS 2014)
  • Tutorial Statistics V: Probability Theory (WS 2013/14)
  • Advanced Case Studies (WS 2013/14)