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Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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New UA-Ruhr course MSc Econometrics (starting Winter Term 2019/20)

Econometrics is a four-semester, English-language master’s program of TU Dortmund University (TUDO), Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) and the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE). The program is offered jointly by the Department of Economics of the three universities and the Department of Statistics @ TU Dortmund University. It combines the expertise and breadth of the participating departments in empirical economic research and economics with the methodically oriented training of the statisticians and econometricians at Germany’s only Department of Statistics. This unique combination of training and research skills allows to offer a specialized curriculum for quantitatively-oriented students which covers a wide range of topics in econometrics and applied economics.

Students acquire the ability to combine methodological competence with proficiency in economics. They gain extensive knowledge of econometric methods and models and an in-depth understanding of central economic causal relationships and resulting econometric issues. The program particularly supports research-interested students in developing analytical skills with regard to specific research questions in economics and thus prepares optimally for a doctorate in econometrics or neighbouring disciplines. The master’s program in Econometrics thus prepares well for a career in econometrics, empirical economic research, evidence-based policy consulting, or operational research.


For Econometrics students:

Starting Winter term 2021/22, the Module ME1 Statistical Theory (6+3) will be split into two courses. The course Statistical Theory (4+2) will consist of the two parts Probability Theory (PT) and Decision Theory (DT). That is, there will be two lectures and one tutorial per week over the whole semester (first half of the semester is devoted to PT and the second half to DT). Additionally, the Asymptotic Theory (AT), which is part of the Statistical Theory module, will be given as a separate course which is worth the remaining 2+1, but it will be given as a 4+2 course only over the second (!) half of the semester. It will start directly after PT (in the first half of the semester) is finished such that it will be offered parallel (!) to DT in the second half of the semester. There will be separate exams for the Statistical Theory course and for the Asymptotic Theory course.

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