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Integrated internships (case studies, 'Fallstudien') are an obligatory course of your studies. The second such internship ('Fallstudien 2') can also be carried out as an external internship in a company or in another statistical institution.

Basic Conditions

In advance, you have to make an agreement with a university teacher of the Department of Statistics (internal supervision).

Further details and explanations can be found in the 'general notes on the external internship' (in German).

These general notes summarize the ideas and conditions arising from the examination and study regulations as well as the main features of such internships.

The checklists are intended in particular as brief information for the internship facilities.

Fundamental for the recognition as 'Fallstudien 2' (graded performance record) are the respective examination regulations.

How to find an internship

As far as possible, it is expected that students who are interested in an external internship take care of the search for a suitable institution themselves.

Possible companies and institutions that award internships to graduates in the field of statistics, data analysis, data management or data science can be found on the internship exchange or the job portal.

In the lecture series 'Statistik im Beruf', there is also always information about internship opportunities at the respective institutions.

The graduates of the Department which are members of the 'Alumni-Verein Dortmunder Statistikerinnen und Statistiker e.V.' can also establish contacts for external internships (throughout Germany and beyond).