Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Dr. Fritjof Freise

Statistische Methoden in den Sozialwissenschaften


Room 715
+49 231 755 - 8327
+49 231 755 - 3184
Fakultät Statistik
Technische Universität Dortmund
44221 Dortmund

Office hours

On appointment only.


  • Winter 2019/20: Seminar on calibration of test items and optimal design
  • Winter 2019/20: Case studies (with M. Pauly et al.)
  • Summer 2019: Tutorials on psychometrics (lecture by P. Doebler)
  • Summer 2019: Introduction to design of experiments (with J. Kunert)
  • Winter 2018/19: Seminar on statistical network analysis
  • Summer 2018: Lecture and tutorials on sampling techniques
  • Winter 2017/18: Tutorials on multivariate statistics (lecture by P. Doebler)
  • Summer 2017: Tutorials on psychometrics (lecture by P. Doebler)
  • Summer 2017: Case studies (with P. Doebler and S. Nennstiel)

Research Interests

  • Optimal Design
  • Adaptive Design and Stochastic Approximation
  • Methods for Regularization


Preprints and submitted manuscripts

F. Freise, N. Gaffke & R. Schwabe: The adaptive Wynn-algorithm in generalized linear models with univariate response. arXiv:1907.02708

F. Freise, H. Gaffke & R. Schwabe: Convergence of least squares estimators in the adaptive Wynn algorithm for a class of nonlinear regression models. arXiv:1909.03763