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Welcome to the Faculty of Statistics

Studying Statistics: Much more than average!

Studying Statistics is about learning the tools to solve everyday problems concerning Economics, Engineering and Medicine. How would I find out if a drug works? How would I optimise security holdings? How would I successfully draw a sample? How would I go about predicting the results of the next election? There are as many fields of study as there are applications in the world of work. Stats is a huge asset in every part of life. Find out more about Studying Statistics here.


Research: Cutting Edge!

The professors and their academic staff of the faculty of statistics are currently working on new methods and models for time series analysis, statistical genetics, quality control as well as biostatistics and financial statistics, all in close collaboration with biologists, medics, economists, and engineers. This research is supported by a collaborative research centre as well as numerous external links. Find out more about Research here.


Career: Various opportunities!

Due to the variety of applications, the job prospects for statisticians are excellent. Several job offers often gave the agony of choice after graduation. Potential jobs can be found in banking and insurance, in the pharmaceutical industry, in quality assurance, in administration and in research. Find out more about Career here.