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Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Prof. Dr. Roland Fried
Foreign Student Advisor

M.Sc. Jana König
Office hours: By appointment




Doctorate Study

If you wish to study a doctorate at the Statistics Department at TU Dortmund, here you can find more detail about the general conditions. You can see the structure of the doctorate in the Doctorate Regulations.


If you want to know if you can start your doctorate straight away, there is no clear cut answer. The individual recognition of your Studienleistung (study achievements) is successful through the acceptance of a colloquium. You can find information about the admission to a doctorate, and specialist requirements for a doctorate study, in the Doctorate Regulations and the Exam and Studying regulations.

For further information, please contact the Doctorate Committee of the Statistics Department.

Should you have a query, please contact:

Prof. Dr. Jörg Rahnenführer
Room 720
Telephone: (0231) 755 - 3121


International students who wish to graduate at our department must show they have a sufficient knowledge of statistics. That means that your former studies will be compared to a course at our department.


A description of all the courses in the bachelor and masters courses of the Statistics Department at TU Dortmund can be found here.

(You can for example view the exam and studying regulations of the Statistics Department).


The doctorate comprises of a thesis and an oral exam. The thesis must portray the abilities of the candidate, as well as expanding the candidates knowledge of statistical theories or methods.

International students who apply for a doctorate at the department must submit the following:

  • a proposal for a research area in which you would like to work. The candidate should choose a thesis, that can be adapted ? within 2 years.
  • a Curriculum Vitae/resume, which follows the academic career of the applicant (studying, research areas, publications, working career). This Curriculum Vitae should enable the department to compare the candidate to that of its own graduates.