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Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Foundations of Data Science

Summer Term 2022

Lecturer:Dr. Alexander Munteanu
Initial meeting: May 2010.30-11.45 amonline via zoom
Dates:block seminar
Aug/Sep 22
9am-3pmM/E 27

Topics & Literature

This seminar will focus on the foundations of deep learning. The topics will closely follow the chapters of the book

"Deep Learning", MIT press 2016
by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville.

The book is available online:

Possible topics include:

  • Deep Feedforward Networks
  • Regularization for Deep Learning
  • Optimization for Training Deep Models
  • Convolutional Networks
  • Autoencoders
  • Representation Learning
  • Deep Generative Models
  • etc.

Enrolment & Organization

The seminar will be bilingual. Group communication will be in English, individual communication, presentations, and reports are possible in either German or English at your preference.

Although there are no formal prerequisites for this module, students should have passed all prerequisites imposed by their faculty when entering the master's program.
Students are best advised to take this seminar near the end of their master's studies.

Registration period is March 21 - April 3. No registrations are accepted before or after that period.
To register, please send an e-mail with the subject "[FODS] registration" to the lecturer including your name, student registration number, number of semesters completed, tu-dortmund e-mail address and specify your main subject (data science, statistics, computer science).
Notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent out in early April.

The seminar starts with an initial meeting on May 20.
Topics will be distributed in the initial meeting, where priorities can be specified by students.
The topic can be switched within the first weeks subject to availability.

Individual consultation will be possible from the initial meeting until the report's due date. Seminar sessions will be scheduled Aug/Sep 22.

Formality of examination

  • Examination: Oral presentation and written report.
  • Additional requirements: Compulsory attendance in initial meeting and all seminar sessions, active participation in discussions and feedback, and peer-reviewing of seminar reports.

Last edit: Aug 02, 2022