Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Main Research Areas

Design of experiments

The aim of DoE is to conduct statistical Experiments in a way that produces significant results.

Some Publications:

  • Auer, C., Kunert, J. (2006): "On A Heuristic Analysis of Highly Fractionated 2n Factorial Experiments". Metrika 63, 43 - 54.
  • Bailey, R.A., Kunert, J. (2006): "On optimal cross-over designs when carry-over effects are proportional to direct effects". Biometrika 93, 613 - 625. 
  • Kunert, J., Stufken, J. (2008): "Optimal crossover designs for two treatments in the presence of mixed and self carryover effects". Journal of the American Statistical Association 103, 1641 - 1647.

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Applications in Engeneering Sciences

There are many statistical applications in engineering sciences, and one that has long been important is Quality Control.

Some Publications:

  • Kunert, J., Auer, C., Erdbrügge, M., Ewers, R. (2007): "An experiment to compare Taguchi's product array and the combined array". Journal of Quality Technology 39, 17 -- 34.
  • Henkenjohann, N., Kunert, J. (2007): "An efficient sequential optimization approach based on the multivariate expected improvement criterion". Quality Engineering 19, 267 - 280.



Sensometrics are the application and development of statistical methods concerning measurement of sensory perception, such as the taste of food.

Some Publications:

  • Kunert, J., Sailer, O. (2006): "On Nearly Balanced Designs for Sensory Trials". Food Quality and Preference 17, 219 - 227. 
  • Alexy, U., Schaefer, A., Sailer, O., Busch-Stockfisch, M., Reinehr, T., Kunert, J., Kersting, M. (2010): "Sensory preferences and discrimination ability of children before and after an obesity intervention". International Journal of Pediatric Obesity 5, 116 - 119.
  • Alexy, U., Schaefer, A., Sailer, O., Busch-Stockfisch, M., Huthmacher, S., Kunert, J., Kersting, M. (2011): "Sensory preferences and discrimination ability of children in relation to their body weight status". Journal of Sensory Studies 26, 409 - 412

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Other Applications

A particular strength of statistics is the fact that statistical methods are applicable in almost all sciences.

Some Publications:

  • Holland-Letz, T., Endres, H.G., Biedermann, S., Mahn, M., Kunert, J., Groh, S., Pittrow, D., von Bildering, P., Sternitzky, R., Diehm, C. (2007): "Reproducibility and reliability of the ankle-brachial index as assessed by vascular experts, family physicians and nurses". Vascular Medicine 12, 105 - 112.
  • Richter, S. H., Garner, J. P., Auer, C., Kunert, J., Würbel, H. (2010): "Systematic variation improves reproducibility of animal experiments". Nature Methods 7, 167 - 168.