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Dr. Lubna Amro

Mathematische Statistik und industrielle Anwendungen


Raum A 3.07
0231 755 - 90375
Martin-Schmeißer-Weg 13
44227 Dortmund

Brief CV

  • Since 04/2022: Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Statistics in the project From Prediction to Agile Interventions in the Social Sciences (FAIR).
  • 03/2022: Graduation Dr. rer. nat., Department of Statistics, Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applications in Industry, TU Dortmund University. Title of Dissertation: Resampling-Based Inference Methods for Repeated Measures Data with Missing Values.
  • 03/2019 - 03/2022: Research Assistant and Doctoral Student at the Department of Statistics,TU Dortmund University.
  • 10/2015  - 02/2019: Doctoral Student at the Institute of Statistics, University of Ulm.
  • 07/2014 - 05/2015: Part time Lecturer at the Department of Mathematics, Al-Quds Open University, Dura, Palestine.
  • 08/2010 - 08/2013: Mathematics (M.Sc.) at Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron, Palestine. 
  • 08/2010 - 06/2013: Part time Lecturer at the Faculty of Applied Science, Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron, Palestine. 
  • 08/2006 - 06/2010: Applied Mathematics (B.Sc.) at Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron, Palestine. 

Research Interests

  • Asymptotic and Non-Parametric Statistics
  • Resampling Techniques
  • Missing Values
  • Multivariate and Repeated Measure Analysis

Publications & Preprints

  • Amro, Lubna, Konietschke, Frank, and Pauly, Markus. "Incompletely observed nonparametric factorial designs with repeated measurements: A wild bootstrap approach."  arXiv preprintarXiv:2102.02871 (2021).
  • Amro, Lubna, Pauly, Markus, and Ramosaj, Burim. "Asymptotic based bootstrap approach for matched pairs with missingness in a single-arm." arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.04902 (2020).
  • Ramosaj, Burim, Amro, Lubna, and Pauly, Markus."A cautionary tale on using imputation methods for inference in matched pairs." Bioinformatics (2020).
  • Amro, Lubna, Konietschke, Frank, and Pauly, Markus. "Multiplication-Combination Tests for Incomplete Paired Data." Statistics in Medicine (2019).
  • Amro, Lubna, and Pauly, Markus. "Permuting incomplete paired data: a novel exact and asymptotic correct randomization test." Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 87.6 (2017): 1148-1159.
  • Amro, Lubna, and Samuh, Monjed H. "More powerful permutation test based on multistage ranked set sampling." Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation 46.7 (2017): 5271-5284.


  • Member of the DAAD-Freundeskreis.