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A1 : Robuste Modellbildung und Dimensionsreduktion

Measuring overlap in binary regression  (A. Christmann and P. Rousseeuw)

Modalities of Spectral Densities  (P.L. Davies)

One-Way-Analysis of Variance  (P.L. Davies)

Two-Way-Analysis of Variance  (P.L. Davies)

Non-parametric regression: Runs and local extremes  (P.L. Davies)

Wavelet Thresholding for irregularly spaced data  (A. Kovac)

Non-parametric regression and density estimation using strings  (A. Kovac)

The hidden logistic regression model  (P. Rousseeuw and A. Christmann)

SIR  (C. Becker)

Robustified SIR  (C. Becker)

Translated biweight S-estimation  (C. Becker) 

benchden: 28 benchmark densities from Berlinet/Devroye (1994) (Thoralf Mildenberger, Henrike Weinert, Sebastian Tiemeyer) 


diffractometry: Baseline identification and peak decomposition for x-ray diffractograms (P.L. Davies, U. Gather, M. Meise, D. Mergel, T. Mildenberger. Additional Code by T. Bernholt and T. Hofmeister)