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Fachschaft Statistik
TU Dortmund
Vogelpothsweg 87
44227 Dortmund

Tel.: (0231) 755 - 3131

Please do not send us questions regarding your application. See the study advisory FAQ for that.

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Information for new students starting in fall 2021

During the week from 2021-10-04 to 2021-10-08 we'll organize an orientation week on campus for you. If you are already enrolled, you will receive an invitation by mail from at the end of September. We'll also post the relevant information here.

These are the Times and Places for the orientation week:

  • 04.10. 11:00 am Introduction for Bachelor-students in CTZE ZE01
  • 04.10. 11:00 am Introduction for Master-students in CTZE ZE15
  • 05.10. 13:00 pm Campus-Rallye, we meet at Martin-Schmeißer-Platz, next to Math building and Mensa.
  • 06.10. 13:00 pm Town-Rallye, we meet at the Football Museum in front of Dortmund Main Station

If you want to to meet your peers online even earlier, you can look into the channel #wise2021 on our Discord-Server.

On 2021-09-06 the Bachelor Pre-courses have started, but it is still possible to sign up. They are held by the Maths-Department. Statistics students need the MATH pre-course, while Data Scientist the NAT-ING one.

Moreover, there are the Master Pre-courses, which are run by the Statistics Department.

Lots of useful information can be found at the central first-semester page of TU Dortmund University.

The Corona-FAQs are also important.

First- Second-, and Third-Semester Excursion

Update (2021-09-13): The UplandParc does not accommodate larger groups, so we have looked around for an alternative. This year's Excursion will go to Schloss Dankern. The date (29.10. - 31.10.) and everything else stays the same! It will probably even cost a little less, but this still depends on the number of participants.

As in every (Non-Corona) year, we will have a First-Semester-Excursion. The one last year had to be cancelled, so we're also explicitly inviting all Second- and Third-Semester Students to come. All "older" students are invited, anyway. We're going to spend the weekend from 2021-10-29 to 2021-10-31 at the UplandParcs Dumel Schloss Dankern.

If you want to come along, you can sign up until 2021-10-11 18:00 by writing an e-mail to . Please note that this is a BINDING registration. In your mail, please include

  • your full name,
  • your course of studies,
  • your semster number
  • and your birthdate.

The excursion will cost between 55 and 60 EUR per person. This price does not include meals (!).

Please plan your arrivals independently. Schloss Dankern is easy to reach by public transit (for free, with your semester ticket). There will be a google docs document to coordinate arrivals. If you don't know anybody of your fellow students yet, don't hesitate to sign up! Your're not the only one.

Concerning Corona: the 3G-rules will be mandatory, so please bring a current negative test if you're neither fully vaccinated yet nor recovered. Should the excursion have to be cancelled (what we don't anticipate), we can't assume liability, but we would try our best so that everyone gets their money back.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to Marie or Laura.

Furher information will be available after the registration deadline (2021-10-11).