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Prof. Arne Bathke (University of Salzburg)

Photo Credit: Gruber/Haigermoser, Uni Salzburg




Research Associates:

Joined D-A-CH-Lead Agency Project with Arne Bathke, University of Salzburg: "Inference methods for multivariate and high-dimensional data"

Funded by:

German Research Foundation (D-A-CH-Lead-Agency Project with Arne Bathke, University of Salzburg).

Projectnumber: PA 2409/4-1,  Duration: 2016-2019 .

Project Objectives:

Together with our collaboration partners from Salzburg, it was the aim of this project to develop inference
methods for multivariate and high-dimensional data. Thereby a major focus laid on global inferential methods
such as tests and confidence regions. We thereby wanted to focus on two types of models:
(A) Semiparametric models with null hypothesis (or confidence regions) formulated in terms of means or
covariances and
(B) purely nonparametric methods which led to rank-based procedures that are invariant under monotone
transformations of the individual responses and remain valid in case of ordinal categorical data, or in
situations where some of the response variables are quantitative, others ordinal.

Beyond that, we wanted to give special attention to the performance of the methods for small samples, high dimension or large number of groups and combinations thereof. Thereto we wanted to investigate the application of either moment-based approximations or resampling methods.



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  • Joachim Hartung Prize for Paavo Sattler received for his talk upon: "Inference for high-Dimensional split-plot-designs: A unified approach for small to large numbers of factor levels", see Sattler and Pauly (2018)
  • Leopold-Karl-Schmetterer-Prizefor Georg Zimmermann received for his talk upon: "Comparing multivariate outcomes between groups while adjusting for baseline measurements", see the preprint Zimmermann et al. (2019)
  • Young Investigator Award 2018 (First prize in the category "Natural and Life Sciences" at the University of Salzburg) for his abstract and talk about the paper Zimmermann et al. (2019)