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For persons who have obtained their last relevant educational qualification in Germany (educational residents), the enrollment to begin the master programme is accessible until the last Friday prior to the lecture period of each semester. A later enrollment in individual cases requires the approval of the faculty.

All documents supporting your admission listed below have to be submitted to the university student services during the application and will be inspected by the faculty. An early submission is recommended.

Applicants with a last relevant educational qualification from countries outside the European Union should note the further regulations and terms concerning the authentication of diploma certificates and the enrollment at German universities. In particular, the application is limited to the period from March 15 until July 15 for the winter and from November 15 until January 15 for the summer semester, respectively. For applicants with a qualification from a member state of the European Union, the application term is the same as for educational residents. In each case the International Office is responsible. In order to complete all necessary formalities in time, including possible visa issues, an early application, soon after the beginning of the application period on March 15 or November 15, respectively, is strongly recommended.

Which documents are requested to be prepared?

  1. The certificate including grade sheets of a Bachelor of Science or comparable degree in Data Science or related fields according to the requirements of the examination regulations:
    • Data Science at the TU Dortmund University or
    • Data Analysis and Data Management at the TU Dortmund University or
    • a course of studies of at least three years in the fields of statistics, computer science or mathematics at a German university. At least 15 points according to the ECTS have to be certified in at least one of these fields; furthermore, in the two other fields, a total of additional 15 points has to be certified. The acceptance will be decided by the examining board.
    • Comparable certificates from universities outside Germany will be accepted according to national regulations. If their originals are neither in English nor German, an offical transcript to German or English language, provided by an official translator, has to be included. An explanation of the grading system may be required too.
    • Grade sheets must include the grades as well as the credit points collected. Each topic should be clearly identified. The final grade has to be 2.5 (good) or better according to the German grade system or a comparable achievement in other systems.
    • Admission prior to concession of the graduation certificate is generally possible, provided that the fulfillment of all requirements is proved by other university documents.
  2. A certificate confirming knowledge of the English language at the B2 level or better according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:
    • German 'Abitur' or
    • a language certificate internationally acknowledged or
    • a graduation certificate of a general school or university where the major teaching language is English or
    • comparable supporting documents.
  3. A curriculum vitae of at most two pages detailing your previous academic or professional career.
  4. The general school graduation certificate relevant for university enrollment.
  5. After the planned establishment of an online self-assessment, the certificate of its completion will be required in the future.