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Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Dr. Jana Fruth

Mathematische Statistik und industrielle Anwendungen


Research interests

  • Design and analysis of computer experiments
  • Calibration of computer models


Project work



  • Fruth, J. (2015), "New methods for the sensitivity analysis of black-box functions with an application to sheet metal forming", Ph.D. Thesis, Fakultät Statistik, TU Dortmund.
  • Fruth, J., Roustant, O., Kuhnt, S. (2015), "Support indices: Measuring the effect of input variables over their support".
  • Fruth, J., Roustant, O., Kuhnt, S. (2015), "Sequential designs for sensitivity analysis of functional inputs in computer experiments". Reliability Engineering & System Safety 134, 260–267.
  • Fried, R., Agueusop, I., Bornkamp, B., Fokianos, K., Fruth, J., Ickstadt, K. (2015): "Retrospective Bayesian outlier detection in INGARCH series". Statistics and Computing 25 (2), 365–374.
  • Roustant, O., Fruth, J., Iooss, B., Kuhnt, S. (2014): "Crossed-Derivative Based Sensitivity Measures for Interaction Screening". Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 105, 105–118.
  • Fruth, J., Roustant, O., Kuhnt, S. (2014), "Total Interaction Index: A Variance-based Sensitivity Index for Second-order Interaction Screening", Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 147, 212–223.
  • Mennecart, T., ul Hassan, H., Fruth, J., Wagner, T., Güner, A., Ben Khalifa, N., Tekkaya, A. E. (2013): "Reduction of Springback by Use of Drawing Tools with Locally and Temporally Varying Stiffness" TTP Conference 2013. Graz, September 19-20.
  • Fruth, J., Roustant, O., Mühlenstädt, T. (2013), "The fanovaGraph Package: Visualization of Interaction Structures and Construction of Block-additive Kriging Model",

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