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Recent Discussion Papers

  • K. Reichold and M. Wagner. Panel Cointegrating Polynomial Regressions: Group-Mean Fully Modified OLS Estimation and Inference. [DOI]
  • R. M. de Jong and M. Wagner. Panel Cointegrating Polynomial Regression Analysis and the Environmental Kuznets Curve. [DOI]
  • O. Stypka and M. Wagner. The Phillips Unit Root Tests for Polynomials of Integrated Processes. [DOI]
  • J. Reynolds, L. Sögner, M. Wagner and D. Wied. Deviations from Triangular Arbitrage Parity in Foreign Exchange and Bitcoin Markets. [DOI]
  • E. Naevdal and M.Wagner. The Speed of Transition Revisited. [DOI]
  • M. Deistler and M. Wagner. Cointegration in Singular ARMA Models. [DOI]
  • O. Stypka, P. Grabarczyk, R. Kawka and M. Wagner. "Linear" Fully Modified OLS Estimation of Cointegrating Polynomial Regressions. [DOI]
  • S. Ivashchenko and W. Mutschler. A Note on Functional Equivalence between Intertemporal and Multisectoral Investment Adjustment Costs. [DOI]
  • M. Wagner and P. Grabarczyk. The Environmental Kuznets Curve for Carbon Dioxide Emissions: A Seemingly Unrelated Cointegrating Polynomial Regressions Approach. [DOI]
  • M. Frondel, P. Grabarczyk and M. Wagner. Integrated Modified OLS Estimation for Cointegrating Polynomial Regressions - With an Application to the Environmental Kuznets Curve for CO2 Emissions. [DOI]
  • W. Mutschler. Higher-order statistics for DSGE models. [DOI]
  • M. Frondel, C. Vance and M. Wagner. Cycling on the Extensive and Intensive Margin: The Role of Paths and Prices. [DOI]
  • L. Linnemann, G. Uhrin and M. Wagner. Government Spending Shocks and Labor Productivity. [DOI]
  • M. Wagner and D. Wied. Monitoring Stationarity and Cointegration. [DOI]
  • T. J. Vogelsang and M. Wagner. An Integrated Modified OLS RESET Test for Cointegrating Regressions. [DOI]