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Former Conferences and Workshops

  • 2nd-13th Workshop on Quality Improvement Methods (with J. Kunert),
    October 2002, March 2004, April 2005, May 2006, May 2007, May 2008, May 2009, May 2010 (Witten-Bommerholz),
    June 2011 (Haus Villigst, Schwerte),
    June 2012, May 2013, June 2014 (Dortmund)
  • "Workshop des Statistischen Beratungs- und Analysezentrums (SBAZ)" (Workshop on Statistical Consulting), Technische Universität Dortmund, September 2009 (with U. Ligges, N. Raabe)
  • Workshop on Music Signal Analysis, Witten-Bommerholz, November 2008 (with A. Klapuri, U. Ligges, R. Martin)
  • UseR 2008 (4th R User Conference), University of Dortmund, August 2008 (with U. Ligges)
  • ENBIS 7, Westfalenhallen Dortmund, September 2007 (with J. Kunert)
  • 28th Fall Meeting of the GfKl Working Group "Data Analysis and Numerical Classification" (AG-DANK), October 2006
  • Workshop on Statistical Consulting, Bielefeld, September 2006 (with G. Kauermann)
  • "28. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Klassifikation" (28th annual conference of the German Classification Society), University of Dortmund, March 2004: Classification - the Ubiquitous Challenge (with E.-E. Doberkat)
  • "6. Konferenz der SAS-Anwender in Forschung und Entwicklung (KSFE)" (6th SAS user conference for research and development), February/March 2002: Data mining and statistics in academia and economy (with A. Christmann)
  • Workshop "Klassifikations-/Clustermethoden und Konjunkturanalyse" (Classification/Clustering methods and business cycle analysis), February 2002, RWI Essen (with U. Heilemann)