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(Presently Rector of the TU Dortmund)


In many fields of industrial research and development, questions arise that have to be answered on the basis of data; data which are either already available or still have to be collected. To solve such problems, statistical expertise is often required at an early stage of the project. This helps to organise the collection of data such that relevant information can be optimally extracted out of the data. For this purpose, statisticians will undertake the design of a statistical model with respect to the underlying problem in close collaboration with the participants of the project and subsequently will suggest, respectively develop, proper methods in order to answer the questions of interest. 

The chair`s staff will be available to provide statistical consulting as well as to solve specific statistical problems that arise during the course of research and development projects.

  • generic statistical procedures
  • analysis of high-dimensional, large data sets
  • diagnostic of ouliers and robust procedures
  • quality control and optimization
  • process control