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Research Interests

The staff of the Institute for economic and social statistics work, research and teach in the areas of concentration measurements, the empirical capital market research, the linear regressions models and the health economy.

Concentration measurements

  • Where are the revenues and wealth stronger concentrated- in China, Germany, or in the US?
  • Is an income tax raising or reducing the imbalance?
  • How does the extent of the imbalance let describe at best with a single number?

Empirical Capital market research

  • Are stock markets efficient?
  • How do we statistically model the distributions of the return of investment on bonds?
  • Are there seasonal affects with return of investment on bonds?

Linear Regression Models

  • Can correlated nuisance variables affect the quality of estimating and testing procedures?
  • How can the various model assumptions be tested optimally based on the data?

Health Economics

  • Who should live, who must die?
  • Is the rationing public health of inevitable?
  • Where are the modern medicine companies "drifting" to?