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Publications of current academic staff of the chair can be found on the respective researcher's websites.

Publications of Prof. Dr. Walter Krämer can be found here.


Accepted for Publication

Jentsch, C. & Lunsford, K. (2018+) Proxy SVARs: Asymptotic Theory, Bootstrap Inference, and the Effects of Income Tax Changes in the United States: Comment. To appear in American Economic Review. Working Paper.

Weiß, C. H., Steuer, D., Jentsch, C. & Testik, M. C. (2018+) Guaranteed Conditional ARL Performance in the Presence of Autocorrelation. To appear in Computational Statistics & Data Analysis.

Jentsch, C. & C. H. Weiß (2018+). Bootstrapping INAR models. To appear in Bernoulli.