Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Career Opportunities

Due to the variety of applications, the job prospects for statisticians are excellent. The more than 1,500 statisticians trained in Dortmund so far had no problems on the national and international job market. Several job offers often gave the agony of choice after graduation. Potential jobs can be found in banking and insurance, in the pharmaceutical industry, in quality assurance, in administration and in research. And more than 50 of our graduates are professors today.

An overview of career opportunities is given in the following (notice, that these offers are mostly in German):

The job market provides an overview of the various applications as a statistician. Here, you can find job advertisements for statistics graduates.

There is also a list of open positions at the department of statistics.

The lecture series "Statistik im Beruf" gives an insight into the complex working life of a statistician. Graduates of the department report here from their professional practice and present their company as well as the tasks they perform there.

With an external internship, students of the department can already gain important practical experience during their studies. In the internship exchange, current internship opportunities are advertised.

Furthermore, it is possible for students of the department to take up work as a student or academic assistant in addition to their studies. Current offers will be published under SHK/WHF Positions.

The final work exchange offers current topics for bachelor or master theses. Often, this also offers students the opportunity to write their thesis in cooperation with an external company.