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Datascience - Master of Science


The two year master course in Data Science is built on the Data Analysis and Data Management B.Sc. and can be started in either the summer or winter semester. It is a joint project of the Faculties of Statistics, Information Technology and Mathematics. The working environment is always changing and developing, and that's why we teach necessary methods, knowledge and information with the aim to be able to work in the field of science, making sure students have scientific awareness and can trade it responsibly.

Students who have already completed a B.Sc. in Statistics, Mathematics or Computer Science can apply for this master under certain conditions. Exceptions can also be made on application.

All courses are taught in German.

Course Structure

This course offers different Core and Elective Modules. The selection of modules can be chosen from a wide range of different opportunities according to the individual interests of the student. In Internships/Case-studies as well as the concluding Thesis students have the opportunity to use what has been learned in selected modules. Research will also be done in the following areas: Multivariate and computer supported Statistics, Efficiency Algorythms and Optimisation, Data-security and the application of methods in chosen areas of study (Case-study, Seminars and Electives). Eleven modules (including a 6 month thesis) are examined during the course of the 2 years of study.

The admission prerequisites for the masters course can be found in paragraph 3 of the masters exam information. Admission is possible through application to the exam office of the Statistics faculty.

Information on the course content can be found in the exam information.


This masters course gives students the opportunity to deepen their research and broaden their competence, subsequent to their BSc in Data Analysis and Data Management, as they can develop new methods and, as a specific example, manage large data projects. Experts in this field who have studied this master are highly sought after by many areas of finance, particularly for the independent handling of projects with large amounts of data.

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Please note that the course and exam information is in some cases temporary and therefore subject to change at any time.