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R-Packages and Software



Further Software:

  • Borowski, M.: scarm.detection
    (R-program for the online-detection of non-zero trends in time series; is based on the SCARM filter and requires the R package robfilter 4.0)
  • Borowski, M., Busse, D.: STM
    (R-program for "Similar Trend Monitoring", a procedure for robust online-surveillance of trend-coherence in multivariate data streams; requires the R package robfilter 4.0)
  • Point sets belonging to the article Mühlenstädt, T. (2010), "Simplex based Space Filling Designs", Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 140, 585 - 596.
  • R programs and data to conduct the applications and simulations from the article Borowski, M., Rudak, N., Hussong, B., Wied, D., Kuhnt, S., Tillmann, W. (2014), "On- and offline detection of structural breaks in thermal spraying processes", Journal of Applied Statistics, 41 (5), 1073-1090. The R package robfilter 4.0 is required.